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1.arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks

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  • rank-order correlation coefficient
  • rank-order correlation
  • rank-difference correlation coefficient
  • rank-difference correlation
  • rank order
  • rank and file
  • rank
  • ranitidine
  • ranier
  • ranidae
  • ranker
  • rankin
  • rankine
  • rankine scale
  • ranking
  • rankle
  • rankness
  • ransack
  • ransacked
  • ransacking
  • congo gum
  • fusanus acuminatus
  • unwebbed
  • bubbling
  • exponentiation
  • gastrin
  • snatch
  • brandyball
  • bull-snake
  • gemination

  • Idiom of the Day

    on an even keel
    in a well-ordered situation or condition
    We got the new department running on an even keel before our holiday.

    The new owners had had to turn ________ all the rooms which were full of rubbish.

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  • Amazing Things to do New Years

    Tollwood Festival Munich

    Beautiful Munich has much to offer for the New Years Eve countdown, and the celebration in Tollwood is no exception. The festivities begin well before midnight with stage acts, music and food, and culminate in the wonderful Midnight Waltz, a traditional highlight Ring in the New Year at midnight with thousands of people at the edge of Bavaria, and stock up on mulled wine to keep out the cold.

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