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raynaud's sign

1.cyanosis of the extremities

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  • raze
  • razed
  • razing
  • razmataz
  • razor
  • razor clam
  • razor edge
  • upright piano
  • geoglossaceae
  • wanamaker
  • pilot balloon
  • typing
  • ischaemic stroke
  • grin
  • blusterous
  • cumberland mountains
  • aegilops

  • Idiom of the Day

    push the panic button
    to become very frightened or excited at a time of danger or worry
    The man thought that his wallet had been stolen so he pushed the panic button and told everyone that it was missing.

    I didn't have ________ to finish the test

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  • Flowers

    Mesembryanthemum Bicolorum

    Contrary to the Mesembryanthemum dolabriforme, lately figured in this work, this species expands its flowers in the day time, and that only when the sun shines powerfully on them, on such occasions, the blossoms on the top of the branches being very numerous, exhibit a most splendid appearance.
    It is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, flowers in July, and is most readily propagated by cuttings.
    Like most of the Cape plants, it requires the shelter of a green house during the winter.

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