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raynaud's sign

1.cyanosis of the extremities

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  • raymond thornton chandler
  • raymond lully
  • raymond chandler
  • raymond bernard cattell
  • raymond b. cattell
  • rayless chamomile
  • rayless
  • rayleigh disk
  • rayleigh
  • ray robinson
  • rayon
  • rayon stocking
  • rayons
  • raze
  • razed
  • razing
  • razmataz
  • razor
  • razor clam
  • razor edge
  • sphyraenidae
  • family physidae
  • antipersonnel bomb
  • sherrington
  • finger-root
  • express mail
  • stemming algorithm
  • petaurus
  • self-sacrificing
  • oregon cedar

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the level
    The manager was on the level with me when he told me about my job possibilities.

    Claude felt particularly ________ as he carried the large satchel filled with cash through the dark streets to the bank.

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  • Myth about Airplanes

    Mogas cost too much and takes revenue away from airports

    Airports selling mogas recoup revenue lost to selffuelers, help sport aviation and flight schools grow, and retain the same flowage fees as 100LL sales. They also make real reductions in lead emissions, a serious public relations issue for General Aviation

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