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razorbacked hog

1.a mongrel hog with a thin body and long legs and a ridged back

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  • razorback hog
  • razorback
  • razor-sharp
  • razor-fish
  • razor-billed auk
  • razor-backed
  • razor fish
  • razor edge
  • razor clam
  • razor
  • razorbill
  • razorblade
  • razz
  • razzing
  • razzle
  • razzle-dazzle
  • razzmatazz
  • rb
  • rbc
  • rbi
  • misfortune
  • suety
  • dromaius
  • positively
  • ft-l
  • theatre director
  • disownment
  • bloomers
  • comically
  • energy secretary

  • Idiom of the Day

    with hat in hand
    with humility
    The man came to his boss with hat in hand to ask for a raise in pay.

    There was a large crowd in the field when Henry arrived at eight o'clock for what was perhaps the biggest meeting of the ________ campaign. After a hard day's work, hundreds of farmers and farm labourers had come to the field to hear what Henry had to say.

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  • Feathery Facts About Peacocks


    The collective term for these birds is peafowl. The males are peacocks and the females are peahens. The babies are called peachicks.

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