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razorbacked hog

1.a mongrel hog with a thin body and long legs and a ridged back

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  • razorback hog
  • razorback
  • razor-sharp
  • razor-fish
  • razor-billed auk
  • razor-backed
  • razor fish
  • razor edge
  • razor clam
  • razor
  • razorbill
  • razorblade
  • razz
  • razzing
  • razzle
  • razzle-dazzle
  • razzmatazz
  • rb
  • rbc
  • rbi
  • gnetophyta
  • genus abies
  • bent-grass
  • hypermarket
  • cercarial
  • chloramine-t
  • pinnotheridae
  • weeder
  • hindering
  • exasperated

  • Idiom of the Day

    second-guess (someone)
    to try to guess what someone else intends to do or would have done in a situation
    You should never try to second-guess the actions of the firefighters in a dangerous situation.

    If you annoy him, he'll ________ things very difficult for you

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