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1.a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth
2.someone who redeems or buys back (promissory notes or merchandise or commercial paper etc.)

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  • redeemed
  • redeemable
  • redeem
  • rededication
  • rededicate
  • redecorate
  • reddle
  • reddish-brown
  • reddish purple
  • reddish orange
  • redeeming
  • redefine
  • redefinition
  • redemption
  • redemptional
  • redemptive
  • redemptory
  • redeploy
  • redeployment
  • redeposit
  • spotted owl
  • industrialise
  • lord macaulay
  • carve
  • sweat bag
  • consign
  • orthopteran
  • natal day
  • clock pendulum
  • diplopoda

  • Idiom of the Day

    forever and a day
    a very long time, forever, always
    It took forever and a day to get the book that we ordered from the bookstore.

    To ________ means to plant seeds.

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  • Exam Tips

    Lets do a little math

    The school year runs for 40 weeks, give or take depending on where you are in the world.
    Forty multiplied by 5 equals 200 days in the school year, minus a few days off for public holidays, etc.
    200 multiplied by, lets say 5 hours of actual class time each day, equals 1000 hours of learning every year.
    Thats a lot of hours. School exams are usually 3 hours long. Do you get where Im heading with this? 1000 hours of learning time squished into 3 hours of exam time. This is why students who give equal weight to everything theyve learned that year when they study dont get the grades their effort deserves.

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