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1.an official written record of names or events or transactions

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  • registration number
  • registration fire
  • registration
  • registrar
  • registrant
  • registered security
  • registered representative
  • registered post
  • registered nurse
  • registered mail
  • regius professor
  • reglaecus
  • regnant
  • regnellidium
  • regnellidium diphyllum
  • regorge
  • regosol
  • regress
  • regression
  • regression analysis
  • genus blandfordia
  • southern maidenhair
  • separation
  • podocarp
  • syllabub
  • ranunculus
  • smilax
  • swbw
  • foramen
  • nutritionary

  • Idiom of the Day

    get one's start
    to receive the first major opportunity of one's career
    The newspaper owner got his start by selling papers when he was a child.

    I really appreciate your ________ me at this difficult time.

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