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1.(of taxes) adjusted so that the rate decreases as the amount increases
2.opposing progress

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  • regression toward the mean
  • regression of y on x
  • regression line
  • regression equation
  • regression curve
  • regression coefficient
  • regression analysis
  • regression
  • regress
  • regosol
  • regret
  • regretful
  • regretfully
  • regrets
  • regrettable
  • regrettably
  • regroup
  • regrow
  • regular
  • regular army
  • orbital point
  • theorise
  • jazzman
  • stovepipe iron
  • coptic church
  • undine
  • hyderabad
  • avenge
  • class chilopoda
  • menhaden oil

  • Idiom of the Day

    back to the drawing board
    to go back and start a project or idea from the beginning
    Our boss does not like our idea so we must go back to the drawing board.

    They've been going out ________ New Year's Eve

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  • Rules to play Bungee Jumping

    Professional Support

    The staff operating a jumping service are responsible for ensuring all equipment is in place and functional, and that proper safety procedures are followed. The following are questions worth asking Are the staff trained, experienced bungee jumping professionals?
    Is the clubservice affiliated with an accredited sports association that sets and regulates safety rules, i.e. the European Bungee Sports Association EBSA
    What is their record for following safety codes?
    What is their safety record usually give in percent of accident free jumps?
    Is the tie off location secure?
    Is the jump space clear of interfering objects, trees, etc.?
    Is there a safety space? What sort?
    What is their policy for checking and re checking procedures?
    What medical services including first aid are readily available on site?
    Are they prepared to execute a rescue, should the need arise?

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