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1.(of taxes) adjusted so that the rate decreases as the amount increases
2.opposing progress

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  • regression toward the mean
  • regression of y on x
  • regression line
  • regression equation
  • regression curve
  • regression coefficient
  • regression analysis
  • regression
  • regress
  • regosol
  • regret
  • regretful
  • regretfully
  • regrets
  • regrettable
  • regrettably
  • regroup
  • regrow
  • regular
  • regular army
  • polypore
  • prairie gentian
  • giardia
  • louis henri sullivan
  • gramineae
  • angiopteris
  • general ledger
  • ascomycetous fungus
  • large crabgrass
  • splenomegaly

  • Idiom of the Day

    jolt to a stop
    to stop moving suddenly which causes a jolt
    The train jolted to a stop when the engineer put the brakes on.

    It's high ________ we left if we really want to be there on time.

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