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1.unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom
2.unwilling to become involved
3.not eager

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  • reluctance
  • relocation
  • relocated
  • relocate
  • relocatable program
  • reload
  • reliving
  • relive
  • relistening
  • relishing
  • reluctantly
  • reluctivity
  • rely
  • relyric
  • rem
  • rem sleep
  • remain
  • remain down
  • remain firm
  • remainder
  • parallel
  • achromatism
  • mayfly
  • infertile
  • charles pierre baudelaire
  • presentational
  • mandrillus leucophaeus
  • diskette
  • states' rights
  • hymenaea

  • Idiom of the Day

    hitch one`s wagon to a star
    to aim high, to follow a great ambition or purpose
    The man wants to hitch his wagon to a star and pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

    The past participle of 'lay'is ________

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