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renal calculus

1.a calculus formed in the kidney

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  • Idiom of the Day

    get on (someone) to do (something)
    to ask or pressure someone to do something
    I will get on my friend to return your book tomorrow.

    A doughnut has a ________ in the center.

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    Tricks to remove dark patchesor pigments

    One of the well knowntricks to remove dark patchesor pigments on your face is to apply onion and turmeric juice on that area. Onions should be stored in a well ventilated space at room temperature, away from heat and bright light. With the exception of green onions, do not refrigerate onions. Place them in a wire hanging basket or a perforated bowl with a raised base so that air can circulate underneath. The length of storage varies with the type of onion. Those that are more pungent in flavor, such as yellow onions, should keep for about a month if stored properly.

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