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renal insufficiency

1.insufficient excretion of wastes by the kidneys

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  • Idiom of the Day

    up to (a certain time)
    until, as far as a certain time, approaching a certain time
    Up to last week I had never been inside a bowling alley.

    Every day after work Brian and Joan ________ together back home.

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    Reverse launch

    In higher winds, a reverse launch is used, with the pilot facing the wing to bring it up into a flying position, then turning around under the wing and running to complete the launch.Reverse launches have a number of advantages over a forward launch. It is more straightforward to inspect the wing and check if the lines are free as it leaves the ground. In the presence of wind, the pilot can be tugged toward the wing, and facing the wing makes it easier to resist this force and safer in case the pilot slips as opposed to being dragged backwards. However, the movement pattern is more complex than forward launch, and the pilot has to hold the brakes in a correct way and turn to the correct side so he does not tangle the lines. These launches are normally attempted with a reasonable wind speed, making the ground speed required to pressurise the wing much lower the pilot is initially launching while walking forwards as opposed to running backward.

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