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renal lithiasis

1.the presence of kidney stones (calculi) in the kidney

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  • renal insufficiency
  • renal failure
  • renal disorder
  • renal cortex
  • renal corpuscle
  • renal colic
  • renal calculus
  • renal artery
  • renal
  • renaissance man
  • renal pelvis
  • renal vein
  • rename
  • renascence
  • renascent
  • renata tebaldi
  • rend
  • render
  • render-set
  • rendering
  • east indian
  • preindication
  • yellow cleavers
  • bacterize
  • glossolalia
  • oyster catcher
  • open-air market
  • thimble
  • military science
  • oversea

  • Idiom of the Day

    once and for all
    permanently, finally
    I told my friend once and for all that I would not give him any money.

    If you collect someone from a place, you pick them off.

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    High value of potassium

    Turnip contains high value of potassium, which is beneficial for the fluid balance and keeps blood pressure maintain. It also hold some amount of calcium, which is beneficial for bones and teeth health. It also contains small amount of zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus which also hosts many health benefits.

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