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1.the revival of learning and culture

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  • rename
  • renal vein
  • renal pelvis
  • renal lithiasis
  • renal insufficiency
  • renal failure
  • renal disorder
  • renal cortex
  • renal corpuscle
  • renal colic
  • renascent
  • renata tebaldi
  • rend
  • render
  • render-set
  • rendering
  • rendezvous
  • rending
  • rendition
  • rene antoine ferchault de reaumur
  • brunet
  • northern cross
  • morocco
  • calostoma cinnabarina
  • spodoptera
  • bulletproof vest
  • battlefront
  • oiliness
  • auricular point
  • malpighia glabra

  • Idiom of the Day

    draw in one`s horns
    to spend less money
    The company is not doing well so everybody must draw in their horns.

    Is ________ a good movie on TV tonight?

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  • Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years

    CD R

    The ability to record CDs was the first chink in the RIAA s armor. The CD R empowered an entire generation of bootleggers. Canal St. and Jamaica Ave. owe a lot to Philips and Sony for introducing what was once called the CD WO (write once). Though developed and released in 1988, it wasn t until 1990 that consumer systems able to record to blank discs were made available.

    Chourishi Systems