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1.a performance of a musical composition or a dramatic role etc.
2.an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious
3.the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance
4.a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language
5.a coat of stucco applied to a masonry wall
6.perspective drawing of an architect's design
7.giving in acknowledgment of obligation

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  • render-set
  • render
  • rend
  • renata tebaldi
  • renascent
  • renascence
  • rename
  • renal vein
  • renal pelvis
  • renal lithiasis
  • rendezvous
  • rending
  • rendition
  • rene antoine ferchault de reaumur
  • rene descartes
  • rene magritte
  • rene-robert cavelier
  • renegade
  • renegade state
  • renege
  • bertrand russell
  • noctambulism
  • lake district
  • clattering
  • footedness
  • winter squash
  • kinglet
  • mesquite
  • nonuple
  • cuttlefish

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of sight
    to be unbelievable or stunning
    The view from the tower was absolutely out of sight.

    Her hair ribbon was ________ but her earrings were red.

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  • Amazing Science Images You Must See

    Seal Surprise

    Welcome to my ice crevasse. Two divers meet an unexpected surprise in the frigid waters of Palmer Land on the Antarctica Peninsula during a 1962 1963 expedition. Their encounter was with a Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddellii), a deep diver that favors a coastal ice habitat. These bruisers can tip the scales at up to 1,360 pounds (600 kilograms) and they live farther south than any other mammal on Earth. This vintage photograph was taken in 1962 during an Antarctic survey led by biologist Waldo Schmitt, an honorary research associate at the Smithsonian Institution. A crustacean expert, Schmitt travelled the world on multiple research expeditions. The one to Antarctica would be his last. He died in 1977 at the age of 90.

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