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1.a meeting planned at a certain time and place
2.a place where people meet
3.a date rendezvous v.
1.meet at a rendezvous

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  • rendering
  • render-set
  • render
  • rend
  • renata tebaldi
  • renascent
  • renascence
  • rename
  • renal vein
  • renal pelvis
  • rending
  • rendition
  • rene antoine ferchault de reaumur
  • rene descartes
  • rene magritte
  • rene-robert cavelier
  • renegade
  • renegade state
  • renege
  • renege on
  • anomalously
  • lading
  • glassworks
  • compound lens
  • silent partner
  • anzio
  • sauternes
  • northern bog lemming
  • genus gerardia
  • plumb bob

  • Idiom of the Day

    skip rope
    to jump over a rope that is held by two people and which goes over your head and under your feet
    The children spent the morning skipping rope.

    She learnt the poem ________ heart.

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  • Precautions while using Internet Banking

    Read key information about the bank posted on its Web site

    Most bank Web sites have an About Us section or something similar that describes the institution. You may find a brief history of the bank, the official name and address of the banks headquarters, and information about its insurance coverage from the FDIC.

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