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1.resembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree

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  • rendezvous
  • rendering
  • render-set
  • render
  • rend
  • renata tebaldi
  • renascent
  • renascence
  • rename
  • renal vein
  • rendition
  • rene antoine ferchault de reaumur
  • rene descartes
  • rene magritte
  • rene-robert cavelier
  • renegade
  • renegade state
  • renege
  • renege on
  • renegociate
  • snipe hunt
  • natural language processing
  • resurge
  • steel trap
  • ives
  • enclothe
  • list-processing language
  • fibrocalcific
  • moreover
  • ravishingly

  • Idiom of the Day

    pose as (someone)
    to pretend to be someone
    The man was posing as a reporter in order to get information about the company.

    The little pianist took a ________ after he finished playing his sonatina.

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  • Cartoons Characters That You Wish Were Real

    Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone is the main character of the popular cartoon The Flintstones. Fred lives in with his family in the town of Bedrock, in a prehistoric time with dinosaurs and cave people. Fred is the original dumb husband with a good looking wife which many TV shows and cartoons use these days like The Simpsons and Family Guy. It would be cool to have Fred Flintstone around in real life, however he would need to get used to modern times.

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