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retirement savings plan

1.a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement

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  • retirement savings account
  • retirement program
  • retirement plan
  • retirement pension
  • retirement fund
  • retirement check
  • retirement benefit
  • retirement account
  • retirement
  • retiree
  • retiring
  • retool
  • retort
  • retouch
  • retrace
  • retract
  • retractable
  • retracted
  • retractile
  • retraction
  • muhammad ali jinnah
  • soupfin
  • dentaria diphylla
  • sub-saharan
  • giovanni virginio schiaparelli
  • taxidea
  • viscometer
  • pennyweight
  • schismatic
  • purchase contract

  • Idiom of the Day

    cry out for (someone or something)
    to need someone or something badly, to lack something
    The new room that we built cries out for new furniture.
    The baby cried out for her mother.

    Some adjectives end -ly.

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  • Benefits of Celery

    Antioxidant and AntiInflammatory Support

    Celery is an important food source of conventional antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, betacarotene, and manganese. But its claim to fame in terms of antioxidant nutrients may very well be its phytonutrients. Many of these phytonutrients fall into the category of phenolic antioxidants and have been shown to provide antiinflammatory benefits as well. Below is a representative list of the phenolic antioxidants found in celery.

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