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1.the quality of being logically valid
2.something hard to endure
3.excessive sternness

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  • rigorousness
  • rigorously
  • rigorous
  • rigor mortis
  • rigor
  • rigmarole
  • rigil kent
  • rigil
  • rigidness
  • rigidly
  • rigout
  • rijstafel
  • rijstaffel
  • rijsttaffel
  • riksmal
  • rile
  • riled
  • riley
  • riley b king
  • rilievo
  • nourished
  • brigand
  • apparitional
  • treasury bond
  • suidae
  • edward jenner
  • order perciformes
  • government man
  • admix
  • worldwide

  • Idiom of the Day

    go stir-crazy
    to become anxious because one is confined to a small space
    After many days of rain I began to go stir-crazy because I could not leave the house.

    It's ________ nice.

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  • Xmas Celebration Ideas

    The Wrap Party

    Wrapping gifts may be the single most frustrating activity of the season. Not only do you inflict paper cuts and nervous breakdowns (from inaccurately cutting the paper too small), but you inevitably watch the recipient of your wrapped masterpiece brutally tear it to shreds without a second thought. Throw a support group style gathering for friends where everyone brings some basic supplies and their bundle of gifts to wrap together. Youll be surprised who knows how to help you tie that bow to not look like it was crafted by a fifth grader. For added synergy, turn up the rap music.

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