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1.cause annoyance in
2.make turbid by stirring up the sediments of

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  • riksmal
  • rijsttaffel
  • rijstaffel
  • rijstafel
  • rigout
  • rigour
  • rigorousness
  • rigorously
  • rigorous
  • rigor mortis
  • riled
  • riley
  • riley b king
  • rilievo
  • rilke
  • rill
  • rim
  • rim blight
  • rima
  • rima glottidis
  • taunting
  • busboy
  • immunological
  • poetess
  • alcohol thermometer
  • with that
  • on purpose
  • dimension
  • ischaemic stroke
  • lymphangitis

  • Idiom of the Day

    plug up (something) or plug (something) up
    to stop or fill up a hole or crack or gap
    We used some special cement to plug up the leak in the bathtub.

    I'm seeing him tonight

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    Alexander Povetkin

    Heavyweight 20 0 0 (14) Last Year s Ranking: 64 Status Report: Povetkin slides 21 rungs almost entirely because his trainer, Teddy Atlas, said he s not good enough to face Wladimir Klitschko yet. Who are we to argue? Also, we have to say that for all the talk about Atlas taking him to the next level, Povetkin s recent resume

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