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1.having a surface covered with a network of cracks and small crevices

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  • rimmed
  • rimless
  • riming
  • rimeless
  • rimed
  • rime
  • rimbaud
  • rimactane
  • rima vulvae
  • rima vocalis
  • rimski-korsakov
  • rimsky-korsakov
  • rimu
  • rimy
  • rind
  • rinderpest
  • ring
  • ring armor
  • ring armour
  • ring blackbird
  • marcus cocceius nerva
  • decoration day
  • tree lupine
  • coffeehouse
  • sedulously
  • palau
  • haliotis
  • ingenuously
  • gavia
  • tolypeutes tricinctus

  • Idiom of the Day

    hold one`s fire
    to keep back arguments or facts, to keep from telling something
    I will hold my fire during today's meeting and wait until next week.

    The past tense of 'light'is ________

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  • Benefits of Pears


    Pears help in curing fever easily with its cooling effects. Quercetin is another antioxidant found in the skin of pears. It helps prevent cancer and artery damage that can lead to heart problems, and a recent study at Cornell University found it may also protect against Alzheimer

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