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1.having a surface covered with a network of cracks and small crevices

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  • rimmed
  • rimless
  • riming
  • rimeless
  • rimed
  • rime
  • rimbaud
  • rimactane
  • rima vulvae
  • rima vocalis
  • rimski-korsakov
  • rimsky-korsakov
  • rimu
  • rimy
  • rind
  • rinderpest
  • ring
  • ring armor
  • ring armour
  • ring blackbird
  • someplace
  • velvety
  • disabuse
  • funded
  • viricidal
  • superman
  • immunotherapeutic
  • disassociate
  • trichopteran
  • tephrosia virginiana

  • Idiom of the Day

    take over (something) or take (something) over
    to take control of something, to take command of something
    A large foreign company took control of our company last month.

    It was one of those plays where the ________ moved at great speed.

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    Missouri Fox Trotter

    The Missouri Fox Trotter is a horse breed from the state of Missouri in the United States; the breed is muscular, with sloped shoulders, a short back and sturdy legs. Fox Trotters are used extensively by trail riders, who appreciate their gaits, stamina and weight-carrying abilities

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