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1.a radical terrorist group that broke away in 1997 when the mainstream Provisional IRA proposed a cease-fire

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  • riptide
  • ripsaw
  • rippling
  • rippled
  • ripple-grass
  • ripple mark
  • ripple
  • ripping chisel
  • ripping bar
  • ripping
  • risc
  • rise
  • rise to power
  • rise up
  • risen
  • riser
  • riser main
  • riser pipe
  • riser pipeline
  • risibility
  • purine
  • forced
  • with expertise
  • broiled
  • kotar
  • mild silver protein
  • nizhnyi novgorod
  • slithering
  • herbert george wells
  • animalcule

  • Idiom of the Day

    get engaged (to/with someone)
    to make a plan to marry someone
    My cousin decided to get engaged last month.

    ________ dinner at eight o'clock.

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  • Stylish Hair

    Curly Worly

    Hair type: Short curly hair

    Curling iron, hair pins, a beautiful thin hair band

    a. Take a few sections of your hair and curl them around a curling rod.
    b. Repeat the process with all the hair on your head.
    c. Once your head is covered with thick, short, dense curls, slip a thin hair band close to your hairline.
    d. If you have natural short and dense curly hair, just slip a thin hair band close to your hairline.

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