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rose-colored starling

1.glossy black bird with pink back and abdomen

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  • rose-colored
  • rose-cheeked
  • rose-apple tree
  • rose wine
  • rose window
  • rose water
  • rose quartz
  • rose pink
  • rose periwinkle
  • rose-red
  • rose-root
  • roseate
  • roseate spoonbill
  • roseau
  • rosebay
  • rosebay willowherb
  • rosebud
  • rosebud cherry
  • rosebud orchid
  • hirer
  • mobilization
  • synthesise
  • bulk
  • strobe
  • pinwheel roll
  • common calamint
  • hedging
  • sir gawain
  • cassia alata

  • Idiom of the Day

    let on
    to try to make people believe something, to pretend something
    The man tried to let on that he did not want the job but actually he did.

    He didn't really give speeches because he used to scream and shout and you could hear him ________ a hundred meters down the road.

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