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rubus parviflorus

1.white-flowered raspberry of western North America and northern Mexico with thimble-shaped orange berries

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  • rubus flagellaris
  • rubus cuneifolius
  • rubus cissoides
  • rubus phoenicolasius
  • rubus saxatilis
  • rubus spectabilis
  • rubus strigosus
  • rubus trivialis
  • rubus ursinus
  • rubus ursinus loganobaccus
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  • ruby spinel
  • ruby wood
  • domesday book
  • overjoyed
  • leipzig
  • loyalist
  • fruiterer
  • hypnotise
  • magic number
  • pornographically
  • navy seal
  • allowable

  • Idiom of the Day

    make out (something) or make (something) out
    to distinguish or identify something, to manage to see or read something
    The ship captain could not make out the name of the other boat because of the fog.
    I was unable to make out the sign because I did not have my glasses.

    Put it back in the drawer ________ you took it from when you've finished.

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