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safety harness

1.belt attaching you to some object as a restraint in order to prevent you from getting hurt

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  • safety factor
  • safety device
  • safety deposit box
  • safety curtain
  • safety catch
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  • safety blitz
  • safety hat
  • safety island
  • safety isle
  • safety lamp
  • safety lock
  • safety margin
  • safety match
  • safety net
  • safety nut
  • safety pin
  • gabby
  • cross of calvary
  • hurler
  • unmoderated
  • free thought
  • bell magpie
  • phobic
  • poor rates
  • basket oak
  • hundred-and-forty-fifth

  • Idiom of the Day

    hell and high water
    troubles or difficulties of some kind
    The relief workers went through hell and high water in order to get the food to the flood victims.

    Jillian was ________ by the contradictory diagnoses she received and decided she needed a third opinion.

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  • Saffron Or Kesar Get Beautiful Skin

    How to spot real saffron

    A spice like saffron has many fake versions so it is important to be a bit careful in order to not get duped. Many vendors sell low quality kesar mixed with coloured ingredients that resemble saffron. Remember, the highest quality of saffron is deep red with orange tips. It does not have any white or yellow spots.Another way to detect real saffron is to soak it in water. See how long it takes for the colour to change and the sweet aroma to spread. Real saffron will at least take 15 minutes for these to happen while fake, coloured ones will give out the colour immediately without much aroma. Though saffron is also available in the powdered form, buy the strands as it is difficult to spot if the powder is pure or adulterated. (Read: Natural fruit face packs for awesome skin)

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