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saint lucia

1.a country on the island of Saint Lucia
2.a volcanic island in the Windward Isles south of Martinique

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  • Idiom of the Day

    cook the books
    to cheat in bookkeeping
    The accountant was fired when someone discovered that he was cooking the books.

    My friend doesn't know ________ about her Birthday Party!

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    Gorilla Holding a VW Bug Leicester

    According to the owners of Pioneer Auto Sales, just south of Leicester, Vt., the conversation that led to their lawns hosting a giant gorilla holding a Volkswagen Beetle went something like this: When they asked local artist T.J. Neil to make a statue for the dealership, Neil responded, How about a giant gorilla? When they asked why a giant gorilla, Neil replied, So I can make him hold a car. The owners conclusion: Sure, but make his other hand stretched down, so people can sit in it. Even if you dont need a new car, you can sit in the gorillas right hand and stare in amazement at the golden VW Bug held 19 feet aloft in his left hand.

    Chourishi Systems