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1.intending to admit to salvation

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  • salvidor dali
  • salvia verbenaca
  • salvia spathacea
  • salvia sclarea
  • salvia reflexa
  • salvia pratensis
  • salvia officinalis
  • salvia lyrata
  • salvia leucophylla
  • salvia lancifolia
  • salving
  • salvinia
  • salvinia auriculata
  • salvinia rotundifolia
  • salviniaceae
  • salvinorin
  • salvo
  • salvor
  • salwar
  • salyut
  • enterolith
  • memorably
  • french leave
  • centre of immersion
  • almond-shaped
  • eastern chimpanzee
  • peel off
  • california wine
  • vdu
  • ingmar bergman

  • Idiom of the Day

    take it upon oneself (to do something)
    to undertake to do something, to make something one's responsibility
    I decided to take it upon myself to fix the broken window in our apartment.

    Could I know why the business has ________ so long to conclude?

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