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1.having greatly reduced vision

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  • sand wedge
  • sand viper
  • sand verbena
  • sand tumor
  • sand trap
  • sand tiger
  • sand stargazer
  • sand spurry
  • sand sole
  • sand snake
  • sandal
  • sandaled
  • sandalled
  • sandalwood
  • sandalwood family
  • sandalwood tree
  • sandarac
  • sandarac tree
  • sandarach
  • sandbag
  • gasbag
  • scarlet bugler
  • fahrenheit
  • lefthander
  • flugelhorn
  • genus hemerocallis
  • curtain raising
  • order eurotiales
  • westward
  • james bowie

  • Idiom of the Day

    in surgery
    undergoing surgery
    My grandfather was in surgery for several hours this morning.

    The BangaloreMumbai flight ________ by two hours due to a bomb scare.

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    Who would have thought that the Minions from Despicable Me, those little yellow creatures that apparently werent even part of the original script, would be such a crowd pleaser that they would be the main drive behind the advertising for the sequel, and then get their very own motion picture a few years later Its almost like a cult following now, with half of the franchises fans being 18+ anyway.

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