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sand leek

1.European leek cultivated and used like leeks

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  • generation x
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  • genus lagostomus
  • grey matter
  • genus psaltriparus

  • Idiom of the Day

    for the birds
    something that you do not like, something that is not to be taken seriously
    Getting up early every morning is for the birds.


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  • Precautions while using Microwaves

    Dont operate an oven if the door does not close

    Dont operate an oven if the door does not close firmly or is bent, warped, or otherwise damaged.Never operate an oven if you have reason to believe it will continue to operate with the door open. Modifications to microwave ovens are not permitted. If a microwave oven has a damaged door, hinge, latch or sealing surface, the oven must be removed from service until it has been repaired and determined to be safe.

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