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1.become converted into soap by being hydrolized into an acid and alcohol as a result of being treated with an alkali
2.convert into soap by hydrolizing an ester into an acid and alcohol as a result of treating it with an alkali

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  • saponified
  • saponification
  • saponaria vaccaria
  • saponaria officinalis
  • saponaria
  • saponaceous
  • sapodilla tree
  • sapodilla plum
  • sapodilla family
  • sapodilla
  • saponin
  • saporous
  • sapota
  • sapotaceae
  • sapote
  • sapper
  • sapphic ode
  • sapphire
  • sapphire berry
  • sapphirine
  • lakeland terrier
  • winking
  • library routine
  • canton
  • reversely
  • psychopathic
  • winged pigweed
  • sales agreement
  • amharic
  • baby-like

  • Idiom of the Day

    in place
    in the proper place or location
    Everything in the room was in place when we arrived for the meeting.

    These baggage handlers had decided they didn't want to ________ our cases on to the plane.

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