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1.obtaining food osmotically from dissolved organic material
2.(of some plants or fungi) feeding on dead or decaying organic matter

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  • saprophyte
  • saprophagous
  • sapropel
  • saprolite
  • saprolegniales
  • saprolegnia ferax
  • saprolegnia
  • saprobic
  • saprobe
  • sapremia
  • saprophytic organism
  • saprozoic
  • sapsago
  • sapsucker
  • sapwood
  • saqqara
  • saqqarah
  • saquinavir
  • sara teasdale
  • saraband
  • anapaest
  • mucoraceae
  • al-tawhid
  • shopworn
  • external angle
  • bullock heart
  • unwebbed
  • dole out
  • cassite
  • check up on

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay waste (to something) or lay (something) to waste
    to destroy and leave something in ruins, to wreck something
    The army laid waste to the enemy territory.

    She was a princess if ________ there was one!

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    Libra Personalities Profile

    Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 ) Personalities Profile :

    Libra represents the Air element. It is a sign that is more extroverted and active. For Venusinspired Libra, beauty, balance and harmony are important. There is a great need to share, to be fair and impartial. Even with this need for calm, Libra remains a very active, outwardly radiating personality. Libra is the cheerleader we all need to work together and build a team! With all of these positives here, how can the sign of The Scales be unbalanced? Sometimes loving Libra can need others too much and fall into the trap of dependency. The need for partnership leads this sign to falsely believe that there is no personhood with a partner. The temptation is to give away too much to others and reserve too little for oneself. Then life reels out of control. Trying to be too fair undermines decision-making abilities. Libra may fear making the wrong choice or upsetting others. Inward-focused energy restores balance. Libras thrive when they give themselves permission to take care of themselves.

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