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savings account

1.a bank account that accumulates interest

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  • savings
  • saving grace
  • saving
  • savin
  • saver
  • saveloy
  • saved up
  • saved
  • save-all
  • save up
  • savings account trust
  • savings and loan
  • savings and loan association
  • savings bank
  • savings bank trust
  • savings bond
  • savior
  • saviour
  • savitar
  • savoir-faire
  • parchment
  • dalbergia cearensis
  • rodentia
  • petechia
  • corkwood
  • train dispatcher
  • adeline virginia stephen woolf
  • katar
  • surnia ulula
  • diesel-hydraulic locomotive

  • Idiom of the Day

    have (someone's) blood on one's hands
    to be responsible for someone's death
    The army general has the citizen's blood on his hands.

    Where have you ________? I've been waiting for an hour.

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