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1.tropical American morning glory
2.resin from the root of Convolvulus scammonia
3.twining plant of Asia Minor having cream to purple flowers and long thick roots yielding a cathartic resin

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  • scammer
  • scam
  • scaly polypore
  • scaly pholiota
  • scaly lentinus
  • scaly fern
  • scaly anteater
  • scaly
  • scalper
  • scalpel
  • scammonyroot
  • scamp
  • scamper
  • scampi
  • scampo
  • scan
  • scandal
  • scandalisation
  • scandalise
  • scandalization
  • hill
  • unpainted
  • pump well
  • ciudad trujillo
  • hagberry
  • toowomba canary grass
  • muckhill
  • small stuff
  • cowpuncher
  • nine

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep one's distance from (someone or something)
    to maintain a certain distance from someone or something
    The girl always keeps her distance from the other students in the class.

    They tried to play the companies ________ each other to get a better deal.

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  • Things Vegetarians Get Really Good

    Wheres Waldo ing the hidden meat in pasta salads

    The picture shows one of the 26 things that vegetarians get really good at. In this situation it is the hidden meat in pasta salads. The image shows a pasta dish but instead of the usual meat and tomato sauce what we see is a lot of vegetables interspersed in the pasta. You can see pieces of broccoli, carrots and lettuce along with some cilantro perhaps. This is an example of a healthy meal that you would like to sink your teeth into. If you are a meat eater by choice then just one look at this pasta salad would make you want to go over to the other side.

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