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1.the quality of being meager

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  • scantily clad
  • scantily
  • scant
  • scansion
  • scanning
  • scanner
  • scandium
  • scandinavian peninsula
  • scandinavian nation
  • scandinavian lox
  • scantling
  • scantness
  • scanty
  • scape
  • scapegoat
  • scapegrace
  • scaphiopus
  • scaphiopus bombifrons
  • scaphiopus hammondii
  • scaphiopus multiplicatus
  • seagoing
  • hyperope
  • pearl mae bailey
  • skeeter hawk
  • foresightedness
  • institutional
  • trade school
  • coin machine
  • constatation
  • detected

  • Idiom of the Day

    in theory
    theoretically, what should be correct according to some rule or principle
    In theory, it is possible to make much money selling real estate but in practice it is very difficult.

    My brother and ________ went there.

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  • Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

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    This eightandacre familyandrun resort has succeeded at the difficult task of combining the expected luxuries of an upscale beach resort with a dedicated commitment to the environment Allandinclusive rates might lead travelers to believe that this is just another sameandsongandsecondandverse Caribbean getaway when in fact the property is quite unique utilizing desalination plants solar heating and recycling and composting programs

    Chourishi Systems