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1.relating to the shoulder blade and upper arm bone

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  • scapulary
  • scapular
  • scapula
  • scapose
  • scaphosepalum
  • scaphopoda
  • scaphopod
  • scaphoid bone
  • scaphoid
  • scaphocephaly
  • scar
  • scar tissue
  • scarab
  • scarabaean
  • scarabaeid
  • scarabaeid beetle
  • scarabaeidae
  • scarabaeus
  • scarabaeus sacer
  • scaramouch
  • poudrin
  • synchronization
  • conferral
  • choose up
  • hugo
  • expelling
  • stone fruit
  • market economy
  • pasteurian
  • frown on

  • Idiom of the Day

    open (something) up or open up (something)
    to make something less congested
    We opened up the yard by cutting down some trees.

    antediluvian most nearly means

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  • Benefits of Quince

    Benefits Of Quince Seeds And Oil

    Quince seeds are effective in curing hoarseness of the throat and trachea as well as other ailments. Its oil prevents sweating, fortifies the heart and strengthens the liver and stomach. Being rich in dietary fiber, quince is good for those people who are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

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