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1.relating to the shoulder blade and upper arm bone

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  • scapulary
  • scapular
  • scapula
  • scapose
  • scaphosepalum
  • scaphopoda
  • scaphopod
  • scaphoid bone
  • scaphoid
  • scaphocephaly
  • scar
  • scar tissue
  • scarab
  • scarabaean
  • scarabaeid
  • scarabaeid beetle
  • scarabaeidae
  • scarabaeus
  • scarabaeus sacer
  • scaramouch
  • architectural ornament
  • ethyl chloride
  • ptloris paradisea
  • isotonic exercise
  • blue-blooded
  • hallucinate
  • victor emanuel ii
  • lithoglyptics
  • intently
  • albatrellus dispansus

  • Idiom of the Day

    root for (someone or something)
    to cheer and encourage someone or something
    I have been rooting for our hometown team since I was a child.

    He is ...... to ...... any kind of work with due sincerity.

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  • Benefits of Star Anise

    Potential Side Effects of Anise

    Anise oil is not without side effects as large quantities used internally can cause nausea and vomiting seizures and even pulmonary edema. This is why pure anise oil should not be used internally as pulmonary edema has occurred after ingestion of such a small quantity as 1 5ml pure anise oil.

    Chourishi Systems