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1.a torturer who flogs or scourges (especially an official whose duty is to whip offenders)

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  • scourge of the gods
  • scourge of god
  • scourge
  • scourer
  • scoured
  • scour
  • scoundrelly
  • scoundrel
  • scottish terrier
  • scottish reel
  • scouring
  • scouring pad
  • scouring rush
  • scours
  • scouse
  • scout
  • scout car
  • scout group
  • scout troop
  • scouter
  • jack
  • communications intelligence
  • nast
  • low explosive
  • blood
  • dts
  • bosun
  • indonesian
  • geniculate
  • prophetically

  • Idiom of the Day

    down and out
    to have no money
    My friend has been down and out before but usually he can find a job.

    The company has ________ several new policies recently.

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  • Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

    Nimmo Bay Resort Great Bear Rainforest British Columbia

    British Columbia the Canadian state on the Pacific coast offers some of the grandest and wildest expanses of forest in the world. Located north of Vancouver Nimmo Bay Resort offers visitors a true experience of the wild beauty of Canadas wilderness. The area is not even approachable by road. You need to come in by helicopter or by boat. Once you get there you get to experience the flora and fauna of the region up close. Grizzly bears fishing in the river outside your window and dolphins flipping out of the ocean are everyday sights.

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