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sea king

1.a Viking pirate chief

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  • sea kale
  • sea island cotton
  • sea horse
  • sea holm
  • sea holly
  • sea hare
  • sea gull
  • sea green
  • sea gooseberry
  • sea feather
  • sea ladder
  • sea lamprey
  • sea lane
  • sea lavender
  • sea lawyer
  • sea lettuce
  • sea level
  • sea lily
  • sea lion
  • sea louse
  • breaking and entering
  • lycaena hypophlaeas
  • dejection
  • cladoniaceae
  • belize dollar
  • hall pass
  • beach goldenrod
  • reception
  • baron lister
  • guinean

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay of the land
    the features of an area of land or of an organization
    We checked the lay of the land before we put up our tent at the camping site.

    Sadly the smaller frog grew tired and drowned but the older one kept on moving about and in the morning ________ .

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  • Famous Hill Station of India


    It is one of the hill stations in Maharashtra that has attracted many tourists. It is very well connected to the cities of Pune and Mumbai. There are many beautiful caves, mountains and waterfalls that when mixed with the greenery of the hill station is one vista that anyone cannot afford to miss.

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