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1.in the second place

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  • secondhand
  • seconder
  • secondary winding
  • secondary syphilis
  • secondary storage
  • secondary school
  • secondary modern school
  • secondary hypertension
  • secondary emission
  • secondary education
  • secondment
  • secondo
  • secotiaceae
  • secotiales
  • secpar
  • secrecy
  • secret
  • secret agent
  • secret approval
  • secret ballot
  • pyocyanin
  • paderewski
  • frosted bat
  • billfish
  • homozygosity
  • pyroligneous acid
  • glutamine
  • building material
  • adornment
  • grabber

  • Idiom of the Day

    advise (someone) against (something)
    to suggest that something should not be done
    I advised my friend not to swim in the river.

    I stayed in ________ Hotel.

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  • Benefits of Artichoke

    Improve galbllader system

    Artichokes help the digestive system. They are a natural diuretic, they aid digestion, improve gallbladder function and, as mentioned above, they are of great benefit to the liver. While artichokes may not be the easiest food to consume, the sheer volume of nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals found in this extraordinary vegetable make eating them well worth it. Most people s favourite part of the artichoke is the heart, but the leaves are actually the source of the vast majority of its health benefits. In clinical studies, artichoke leaf extract has been proven to have potent disease fighting and anti ageing properties.

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