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1.in the second place

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  • secondhand
  • seconder
  • secondary winding
  • secondary syphilis
  • secondary storage
  • secondary school
  • secondary modern school
  • secondary hypertension
  • secondary emission
  • secondary education
  • secondment
  • secondo
  • secotiaceae
  • secotiales
  • secpar
  • secrecy
  • secret
  • secret agent
  • secret approval
  • secret ballot
  • crap shooting
  • hoka
  • fehling's solution
  • in one ear
  • acocanthera spectabilis
  • soaking up
  • taco
  • pressmark
  • genus physostegia
  • desorption

  • Idiom of the Day

    jumping-off place/point
    the starting place of a long trip, the start of something
    We gathered early in the morning at the jumping-off place for our hike in the mountains.

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    Resembling a vaguely assembled metallic crab the metagross is a fusion. Fuse four Beldum together and you will get the amazing Metagross. This supposed hybrid is in all respects a brawn and brainy combo in fact it is an ultimate combo that you can ever expect of a pokemon. With enough and more intelligence to compete at an equal level with Alakazam, it also possesses amazing power and is capable of devastating anything and everything that comes in its path. It is also powerful in using its psychic powers for floating around. It can crush its prey to consume them.

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