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1.in the second place

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  • secondhand
  • seconder
  • secondary winding
  • secondary syphilis
  • secondary storage
  • secondary school
  • secondary modern school
  • secondary hypertension
  • secondary emission
  • secondary education
  • secondment
  • secondo
  • secotiaceae
  • secotiales
  • secpar
  • secrecy
  • secret
  • secret agent
  • secret approval
  • secret ballot
  • sugar daddy
  • tartarean
  • pop bottle
  • seaside centaury
  • china stone
  • broadaxe
  • cryptotermes
  • cilantro
  • trippingly
  • underhand

  • Idiom of the Day

    turn up one`s nose at (something)
    to refuse something because it is not good enough
    My friend turned up his nose at the job offer in another department of his company.

    My son goes ________ English classes 5 days a week.

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    Ghari or Surati Ghari is a sweet dish from Gujarati cuisine, from the region of Surat. Ghari are made of puri batter, milk mawa , ghee and sugar - made into round shapes with sweet filling, to be consumed on Chandani Padva festival. It is also available in many varieties and flavours such as pistachio, almond-elachi and mawa.Ghari was prepared by the cooks of Tatya Tope to provide extra strength to the freedom fighter s soldiers. However, it began to be consumed during inauspicious occasions too, particularly by people of some castes in the crematorium for peace to the soul of the dead.

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