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1.withdrawing into the background

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  • self-education
  • self-educated
  • self-drive
  • self-doubt
  • self-distrust
  • self-disgust
  • self-discovery
  • self-disciplined
  • self-discipline
  • self-direction
  • self-effacing
  • self-employed
  • self-employed person
  • self-enclosed
  • self-esteem
  • self-evident
  • self-evident truth
  • self-evidently
  • self-examination
  • self-examining
  • protoctista
  • genus carcharias
  • cumfrey
  • centralization
  • citation form
  • metrify
  • pickerel
  • surpriser
  • extracurricular activity
  • melursus ursinus

  • Idiom of the Day

    off one`s chest
    not bothering you anymore (usually used for a problem)
    I talked to my friend and I was able to get my problem off my chest.

    Dogs like to ________ bones to save them for later.

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  • Rules to play Shot Put

  • Rules to play Croquet


    If a player plays out of turn, there is no penalty. Any ball moved during the out of turn play is replaced to its position prior to the error and play recommences properly. If an out of turn is initially condoned not discovered but then later discovered, only the last ball played out of turn is replaced and the correct ball then proceeds. Example if red plays, then blue plays, then yellow plays, yellow is replaced, and then red plays correctly.

    If the striker takes a swing at his her ball and misses entirely, the miss counts as a shot and the turn ends, unless the striker had a second bonus shot.If the strikers mallet accidentally hits another ball other than the striker ball, the shot must be replayed, but with no loss of turn.

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