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1.taking delight in beauty

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  • sensualness
  • sensually
  • sensualize
  • sensuality
  • sensualist
  • sensualism
  • sensualise
  • sensory system
  • sensory receptor
  • sensory neuron
  • sensuously
  • sensuousness
  • sent
  • sente
  • sentence
  • sentence stress
  • sentence structure
  • sentential
  • sentential function
  • sententious
  • daytime
  • echolalia
  • dayboy
  • depressive
  • ginkgopsida
  • souslik
  • war-torn
  • shaw
  • gas pump
  • have-not

  • Idiom of the Day

    tip the balance
    to have important or decisive influence, to decide something
    The man's ability to speak French tipped the balance in his favor to get the job at the embassy.


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  • Precautions while using Computer and Laptops

    Avoid lap burn

    Using a laptop desk or cooler will prevent you from being burned when using your laptop. A good laptop desk will have large enough vents for allowing air circulation between you and the laptop. Some laptop desks have additional fans which use power from the laptop itself to stay cool.

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