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sequential operation

1.the sequential execution of operations one after another

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  • sequential
  • sequent
  • sequencer
  • sequence
  • sequenator
  • sequella
  • sequela
  • sequel
  • sepulture
  • sepulchre
  • sequentially
  • sequester
  • sequestered
  • sequestrate
  • sequestration
  • sequin
  • sequined
  • sequoia
  • sequoia gigantea
  • sequoia national park
  • porter
  • commute
  • stabilization
  • order eurypterida
  • facet
  • sunflower-seed oil
  • family tribonemaceae
  • husbandly
  • snap line
  • glitter

  • Idiom of the Day

    hide one's face in shame
    to cover one's face because of shame or embarrassment
    The man wanted to hide his face in shame after he lost his job.


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