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sequential operation

1.the sequential execution of operations one after another

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  • sequential
  • sequent
  • sequencer
  • sequence
  • sequenator
  • sequella
  • sequela
  • sequel
  • sepulture
  • sepulchre
  • sequentially
  • sequester
  • sequestered
  • sequestrate
  • sequestration
  • sequin
  • sequined
  • sequoia
  • sequoia gigantea
  • sequoia national park
  • gmt
  • unconventional
  • clammily
  • humulus americanus
  • te deum
  • vizcaino
  • genus aulacorhyncus
  • consignment
  • association of orangemen
  • centrosema virginianum

  • Idiom of the Day

    run scared
    to behave as if one were going to fail or lose
    The politician has been running scared in his attempt to win re-election.


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  • Tips to get ready for Foreign Trip

    Your safety

    Speaking of personal safety, while you should have already done your research to learn more about safety and security issues in your region of choice, you should also come up with an emergency exit plan. This can be following the procedures of your volunteer-sending organization (most reputable programs will have them) as well as your home countrys embassy (again, a good reason to register with them) or simply developing your own exit strategy. Also, check to see if emergency services are covered by your health or travel insurance (read this article by Peter Greenberg for more information on travel insurance). Whatever the case, be clear on what to do should you run into trouble abroad.

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