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seward peninsula

1.a peninsula in western Alaska that projects westward into the Bering Sea just below the Arctic Circle

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  • sewage disposal plant
  • sewage disposal
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  • tanzanian monetary unit
  • giuseppe balsamo
  • mr
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  • uniformise
  • functionally illiterate
  • ramesses

  • Idiom of the Day

    come out of the closet
    to reveal one's secret interests, to reveal that one is gay
    Nobody was surprised when my cousin came out of the closet.

    The negative feeling you get when you do something wrong is ________

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  • Weird Hotels around the World

    Westin Bund Center

    Shanghai, China
    Only ten years old and already famous, the Westin Bund is built to resemble a throne with a crown on top fitting for a hotel that makes one feel like a king. Guest rooms made of marble and glass boast oversized shower heads, Jacuzzis, embroidered lanterns and spectacular views of the 400-year-old Yu Garden. The wonderful Stage restaurant allows guests to watch as the chefs publicly prepare their amazing dishes.

    Chourishi Systems