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1.full of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals

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  • shelver
  • shelve
  • shelton jackson lee
  • sheltered workshop
  • sheltered
  • shelterbelt
  • shelter tent
  • shelter deck
  • shelter
  • shellproof
  • shem
  • shema
  • shemozzle
  • shen-pao
  • shenandoah national park
  • shenandoah valley
  • shenanigan
  • shenyang
  • shepard
  • shepherd
  • lilt
  • louche
  • whacko
  • contrived
  • luxuriantly
  • distantly
  • imply
  • sugar water
  • straggling
  • tungusic

  • Idiom of the Day

    until hell freezes over
    My friend said that he would not talk to his girlfriend again until hell freezes over.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    Our plans failed and we had to go (back to the beginning).

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  • Rules to play Ultimate Frisbee

    Dont rush it

    Unless you see a great opportunity, you dont need to charge down the field as soon as you grab the Frisbee. Focus on making high probability passes and controlling the possession of the disc, not in scoring immediately. If youve got the Frisbee, possess it. Make crisp and accurate passes and move down the field gradually, gaining territory.Like in soccer, you can move in any direction when youve got possession of the disc. If you need to make a few passes backward to regroup and control the field, do so. You generally want to be going forward and not back, but it can be a good way of strategizing.

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