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1.a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)

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  • sierra redwood
  • sierra plum
  • sierra nevada mountains
  • sierra nevada
  • sierra madre oriental
  • sierra madre occidental
  • sierra lodgepole pine
  • sierra leonian
  • sierra leonean
  • sierra leone monetary unit
  • sieur de lasalle
  • sieva bean
  • sieve
  • sieve out
  • sieve tube
  • sif
  • sift
  • sifter
  • sifting
  • sigeh
  • walter lippmann
  • eustachio
  • propeller
  • adjoining
  • dowered
  • actitis macularia
  • genus actinia
  • wylie
  • mid-fifties
  • leichtlin's camas

  • Idiom of the Day

    pick and choose
    to choose very carefully from a number of possibilities
    The company will pick and choose the best people for the new project.

    Let us ...... with due ...... that ancient India was more civilised than modem India with its satellites in space.

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  • Uncommon Fruits and Veggies


    Tomatillos are in the tomato family, but they remain green when ripe instead of turning red.They are an important part of Mexican cuisine and are often used in sauces.While they look like unripe tomatoes, tomatillos are tarter in flavor.

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