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1.a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)

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  • sierra redwood
  • sierra plum
  • sierra nevada mountains
  • sierra nevada
  • sierra madre oriental
  • sierra madre occidental
  • sierra lodgepole pine
  • sierra leonian
  • sierra leonean
  • sierra leone monetary unit
  • sieur de lasalle
  • sieva bean
  • sieve
  • sieve out
  • sieve tube
  • sif
  • sift
  • sifter
  • sifting
  • sigeh
  • nameplate
  • power module
  • mechanical advantage
  • skunk cabbage
  • f number
  • lemonade mix
  • worm-shaped
  • polysomy
  • arabic
  • cut of mutton

  • Idiom of the Day

    school of thought
    a particular philosophy
    There are many schools of thought about how the government should proceed with its new transportation plan.

    We have to inform our customers that the store will be closing in half an hour's ________ .

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  • What to Eat in Jharkhand

    Bharwan karela

    This is a traditional and authentic bharwa karela recipe from Uttar Pradesh.We follow this same recipe from generations in my community and my household. Addition of raw mangoes and fennel powder make it different and special .Try this you will surely love this.

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