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sine die

1.without a date fixed (as of an adjournment)

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  • sing along
  • manus
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  • snifter
  • tayassuidae
  • officer's mess
  • antacid
  • lover's knot
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  • gallantry
  • maniacal

  • Idiom of the Day

    tell (someone) where to get off
    to scold someone, to express one's anger to someone
    I told the man where to get off when he complained about us for no reason.

    It was a long story, but a fascinating ________.

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  • Science Experiments Ideas

    Weather station

    Fix a dry pinecone on to a small piece of wood with sealing wax or glue. Stick a pin into one of the central scales and place a straw over it. Put the cone out of doors, protected from the rain. The straw moves according to the state of the weather. Fix up a scale.
    This simple hygrometer was built by nature. The pinecone closes when it is going to rain, to protect the seeds from damp. The outside of the scales absorbs the moisture in the air, swells up and bends a process which you can also observe with a piece of paper which is wet on one side.

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