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sister ship

1.a ship that is one of two or more similar ships built at the same time

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  • sister
  • sissyish
  • sissy
  • sissu
  • sissoo
  • sissiness
  • sissified
  • siss
  • sison amomum
  • sison
  • sister-in-law
  • sisterhood
  • sisterlike
  • sisterly
  • sistership
  • sistrurus
  • sistrurus catenatus
  • sistrurus miliaris
  • sisymbrium barbarea
  • sisymbrium officinale
  • vernacular art
  • grantor trust
  • bede
  • clerisy
  • cholestasis
  • tropical zone
  • baghdad
  • iww
  • babyrousa babyrussa
  • carlo goldoni

  • Idiom of the Day

    leave (something) out or leave out (something)
    to omit something
    My friend told me about the accident but he left out some of the main points.

    The student’s ________ language offended many others in the class.

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  • Tomato juice with a shake of celery salt, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce is a great morning pick-me-up.
  • Carrot, apple, and ginger combine for a spring detox.
  • Celery, beets, spinach, and apple with a squeeze of lemon juice are refreshing in the afternoon.
  • Blackberries with fresh orange juice make a tart start to the day.

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