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sister ship

1.a ship that is one of two or more similar ships built at the same time

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  • sister
  • sissyish
  • sissy
  • sissu
  • sissoo
  • sissiness
  • sissified
  • siss
  • sison amomum
  • sison
  • sister-in-law
  • sisterhood
  • sisterlike
  • sisterly
  • sistership
  • sistrurus
  • sistrurus catenatus
  • sistrurus miliaris
  • sisymbrium barbarea
  • sisymbrium officinale
  • regular army
  • solar power
  • receptivity
  • divisible
  • tv camera
  • genus scincella
  • faultless
  • demarcate
  • balloonfish
  • pantothen

  • Idiom of the Day

    a hot potato
    a situation or issue that is likely to cause trouble to the person who is handling it
    The issue of part-time workers is a hot potato that we must deal with.

    A grass widow is a woman whose husband is dead.

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