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1.negligent of neatness especially in dress and person

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  • slovenliness
  • slovenija
  • slovenian
  • slovenia
  • slovene
  • sloven
  • slovakian monetary unit
  • slovakian
  • slovakia
  • slovak republic
  • slovenly person
  • slovenly woman
  • slow
  • slow down
  • slow lane
  • slow loris
  • slow match
  • slow motion
  • slow time scale
  • slow up
  • beefsteak begonia
  • jujitsu
  • ecesis
  • permeability
  • houri
  • jean auguste dominique ingres
  • cape ann
  • a million
  • commit suicide
  • handwriting expert

  • Idiom of the Day

    scout around for (someone or something)
    to search or look for someone or something
    The company is scouting around for a new warehouse for their products.

    (P) took place
    (Q) when militants opened fire on BSF men
    (R) the encounter lasting over two hours
    (S) in the town around 8.30 a.m.

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