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1.negligent of neatness especially in dress and person

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  • slovenliness
  • slovenija
  • slovenian
  • slovenia
  • slovene
  • sloven
  • slovakian monetary unit
  • slovakian
  • slovakia
  • slovak republic
  • slovenly person
  • slovenly woman
  • slow
  • slow down
  • slow lane
  • slow loris
  • slow match
  • slow motion
  • slow time scale
  • slow up
  • mismatched
  • doctorial
  • ovis canadensis
  • nonsovereign
  • self-sustained
  • deadness
  • code of conduct
  • dot com
  • globe thistle
  • balletomania

  • Idiom of the Day

    launch forth (on something)
    to start out on something
    Our boss launched forth on a long criticism of how we are doing our jobs.

    In London, which ________ on the river Thames, people make a lot of noise all the time.

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  • Eye care tips for Computer users

    Stop working if you experience symptoms of digital eye strain computer vision syndrome

    Eye doctors use this term to describe the adverse effects of prolonged computer use. These symptoms are not permanent and should subside when you step away from the computer for a few hours. They can cause significant discomfort, however, and if ignored can lead to permanent eye problems.

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