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1.one of the islands of Saint Christopher-Nevis
2.a straw hat with a tall crown and broad brim

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  • sombreness
  • sombrely
  • sombre
  • somberness
  • somberly
  • somber
  • somatotype
  • somatotropin
  • somatotropic hormone
  • somatotrophin
  • some
  • some other
  • somebody
  • someday
  • somehow
  • someone
  • someplace
  • somersault
  • somersaulting
  • somerset
  • never-never land
  • broccoli raab
  • none
  • recasting
  • genus melilotus
  • pineapple
  • on-street
  • suborder myxiniformes
  • swamp ash
  • manilkara bidentata

  • Idiom of the Day

    between the devil and the deep blue sea
    to be in a very difficult position
    The mayor was between the devil and the deep blue sea when he tried to keep the two groups happy.

    Does your ________ have a dishwasher?

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  • Weird Food


    Generally found on Mopane trees (hence the name), this caterpillar is an important source of protein for millions of people in Africa. Typically they are dried out and eaten as a crispy snack.

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