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1.sorrowful through loss or deprivation

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  • sorrowfulness
  • sorrowfully
  • sorrowful
  • sorrower
  • sorrow
  • sorriness
  • sorrel tree
  • sorrel
  • sorption
  • sorority
  • sorry
  • sorry for
  • sort
  • sort of
  • sort out
  • sort program
  • sorted
  • sorter
  • sortie
  • sorting
  • morbific
  • cockcrow
  • grungily
  • federal bureau of prisons
  • academic requirement
  • international development association
  • in operation
  • rough-house
  • styrax obassia
  • ticket booth

  • Idiom of the Day

    not have a leg to stand on
    to have no good proof or excuse for something, to have no good evidence or defence to offer someone
    "The company does not have a leg to stand on if they refuse to pay the money that they owe you."

    Take me ________ your leader!

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    Natural Light

    This Nantucket cottage s kitchen s paneled walls and hood wear Benjamin Moore s Morning Dew, while the cabinets are clad in the brand s Vale Mist. Local decorative painter Christina Wiggins transformed the fir floor.

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