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sour grapes

1.disparagement of something that is unattainable

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  • sour gourd
  • sour fig
  • sour dock
  • sour cream
  • sour cherry tree
  • sour cherry
  • sour bread
  • sour
  • soupspoon
  • soupiness
  • sour grass
  • sour gum
  • sour mash
  • sour mash whiskey
  • sour orange
  • sour salt
  • sour-gum family
  • sourball
  • source
  • source book
  • marginocephalia
  • absorption band
  • chalkboard
  • penetrable
  • subclass amphineura
  • stridulation
  • galingale
  • phonologic
  • riggs' disease
  • inflexion

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    John Hancock
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    I wrote down my John Hancock and bought the car.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    The two boys (began to fight) in the school grounds.

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    WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

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