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spend a penny

1.eliminate urine

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  • spend
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  • spencer
  • spelunker
  • spelunk
  • spelt
  • spelling contest
  • spelling checker
  • spelling bee
  • spelling
  • spend-all
  • spendable
  • spender
  • spending
  • spending cut
  • spending money
  • spending spree
  • spendthrift
  • spendthrift trust
  • spengler
  • ropedancer
  • modification
  • acrobatic stunt
  • steamroller
  • family oniscidae
  • vapor density
  • hyperfine
  • score paper
  • surd
  • capital of norway

  • Idiom of the Day

    day after day
    Day after day, the woman goes to the school to meet her child.

    She was set ________ by muggers when she was getting money from a cash machine

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  • Finishing Moves In WWE

    Cesaro The Neutralizer

    Cesaro is pound for pound one of the strongest wrestlers in all over wrestling, the amount hes able to dead lift is always a joy to watch. This is no more apparent then when he busts out The Neutralizer on guys like Big Show, literally picking them up, holding them upside down, and slamming them face first.
    Much like Ambroses Dirty Deeds, its not really flamboyant, but what sets this one higher on the list is the spectacle of seeing someone like The Great Khali getting lifted up and dropped down.

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