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spend a penny

1.eliminate urine

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  • spend
  • spencer tracy
  • spencer
  • spelunker
  • spelunk
  • spelt
  • spelling contest
  • spelling checker
  • spelling bee
  • spelling
  • spend-all
  • spendable
  • spender
  • spending
  • spending cut
  • spending money
  • spending spree
  • spendthrift
  • spendthrift trust
  • spengler
  • hmg-coa reductase
  • mull over
  • field-pea plant
  • colorado spruce
  • autoradiographic
  • buccinator muscle
  • unimproved
  • voltaic pile
  • brim over
  • drenched in

  • Idiom of the Day

    off to one side
    beside something, moved away from something
    We will put the chair off to one side while we decide what to do with it.

    The newspaper ________ very successful lately

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  • Kabir Das

    Kashi Naresh came here to get Pardon

    Once upon a time, the Kashi Naresh, Raja Virdev Singh Ju Dev came at to the Kabir Math with his wife to get pardon by leaving his kingdom. The history is: once, Kashi King called all the saints to his kingdom as he heard much fame of the Kabir das. Kabir das reached there to the kingdom alone with his small water bottle. He poured all the water of the small bottle on his leg, the small amount water started flowing on the ground for long way. The entire kingdom filled with water, so Kabir was asked about that. He said that, a devotee panda, in Jagannathpui, was cooking food in his hut which caught fire.

    The water which I poured, was for protecting the hut from being fired. The fire was serious so it was very necessary to get more water from the small bottle. But the King and his followers never accepted that statement and they want the real witness. They thought that the fire was caught in the Orissa city and Kabir is pouring water here in the Kashi. The King sent one of his followers for the investigation. The follower returned and told that all the statement of Kabir was true. The king became very shamed and he and his wife had decided to go to the Kabir math to get pardon. If they will not get pardon, they will suicide there. They got pardon and from that time the King was always united with the Kabirchaura Math.

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