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1.resembling a spike

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  • spikelet
  • spiked loosestrife
  • spiked
  • spike suppressor
  • spike rush
  • spike out
  • spike oil
  • spike moss
  • spike mike
  • spike lee
  • spikemoss
  • spikenard
  • spiky
  • spile
  • spill
  • spill out
  • spill over
  • spill the beans
  • spillage
  • spillane
  • devastation
  • topical
  • katharevusa
  • lautaro faction of the united popular action movement
  • khanty
  • wood strawberry
  • consciously
  • wattle
  • hypermenorrhea
  • yahveh

  • Idiom of the Day

    hold out for (something)
    to refuse to give up, to insist on getting something
    The basketball player is holding out for a large salary increase.

    You ________ use my dictionary if you want.

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  • What to Eat in punjab

    Butter Chicken

    Punjab is known for the best chicken dishes, be it tandoori or curry chicken. One of the hot favourites of Punjabis is Butter Chicken.It is high on calories as it contains butter but it is a mouth watering creamy dish and impossible to resist. It is best served with butter naan.

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