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1.excessively fastidious and easily disgusted

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  • squealing
  • squealer
  • squeal
  • squeaky
  • squeaking
  • squeaker
  • squeak through
  • squeak by
  • squeak
  • squawroot
  • squeamishly
  • squeamishness
  • squeegee
  • squeezability
  • squeezable
  • squeeze
  • squeeze box
  • squeeze by
  • squeeze for
  • squeeze out
  • permute
  • ignore
  • arundo donax
  • ironic
  • mentality
  • reassessment
  • shannon
  • pink calla
  • bastardly
  • sphaerocarpos

  • Idiom of the Day

    have (something) going for one
    to have ability or talent or good looks
    The woman has a lot going for her and I am sure that she will get the new job.

    A single ________ dropped on to her cheek.

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  • Daily Meditation can Improve your Life

    Appreciating Appreciation

    Take a moment to appreciate the chair you are sitting on. Consider how the chair was made: the wood, cotton, wool, or other fibers, the trees and plants that were used, the earth that grew the trees, the sun and rain, the animals that maybe gave their lives, the people who prepared the materials, the factory where the chair was made, the designer and carpenter and seamstress, the shop that sold it?all this just so you could be sitting here, now. Then extend that deep appreciation to everything and everyone in your life.

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